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February 18, 2018

Our Paradise Sister group consist of 5 young ladies

Ciara G.

Brooklyn T.

Maleaha B.

Andreana R.   

Kaniyah P.

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October 28, 2018

Ambitious Sister group 

24 young ladies

May 19, 2019 

Trail- Blazer Sister group

 26 young ladies

November  15, 2021

Prestigious Sister Group

9 young ladies

January 31, 2021

Prestigious Sister Group

2 young ladies




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Born and raised in Chicago, IL. Ashley Hill is the CEO & Founder of REAL Girlz Incorporated. Ashley has been involved with the youth since 2018 as she dedicated her time mentoring, volunteering and participating in various events to support her community and church environment.She was so determined to give back to her community that she created a safe haven for young ladies between the ages 5-18, Meanwhile ages 18 and up are considered REAL Mentors.  Throughout her life, she has experienced many trials and tribulations. Ashley attended Alice L. Barnard Public School (2008), and later attended Morgan Park High School (2012). She obtained her bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences (Biology) from Northern Illinois University in 2017. During her course of study, she was told by her advisor that she should consider changing her major, and that the major might not be for her. She took something negative and turned it into a positive. Ashley established REAL Girlz in 2018 to create an establishment to support young ladies mentally, physically and emotionally. She also wanted to equip these young ladies with the tools that they will need in order to be more successful in their careers.  As a Mentor, Ashley aims to strengthen their mindsets and perceptions of the young ladies through positive imagery and exposure to diverse environments with dynamic and innovative leaders.